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The recommended driver for ADMTek 8211 chip is the GPL version by Michael Wu.
I recommend it instead of the one described below.

The patch against 1.05 ADMTek driver that allows pseudo-monitor mode (the card is not fully passive, it still sends out some data)


  1. Download admtek driver sources:
    or here
  2. Extract sources:
    tar zxvf ADM8211_src_105.tar.gz
  3. Change dir:
    cd ADM8211
  4. Download my patch to sources directory:
  5. Patch the driver
    patch < adm8211.diff
  6. Compile:
    If you use kernel 2.6 you'll need this Makefile by Wade Simmons.
  7. Insert module:
    insmod -f 8211.o
  8. Test:
    ifconfig eth1 up
    . (or whatever ethx you have). Led starts flashing.
    iwconfig eth1 mode monitor
  9. To use with kismet (you can use generic driver with kismet 3, or better download march '04 cvs), the line in .../etc/kismet.conf is
    Or whatever ethx you have.

DISCLAIMER: This is alfa quality software and no warranty is provided of any kind. Use it at your own risk!

NOTES: Channel hopping now works with kismet!.

Thanks to Mike Kershaw (dragorn), and David Young (for his BSD driver)

Feedback appreciated: get in touch with me or browse the forum.


Official ADMTek drivers - ADMTek 8211 drivers or local mirror

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